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The Center for Holistic Living


The Helen & Stuart Over, MD Center for Holistic Living is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to offering educational programs in the principles of holistic living, with special attention to the issues of aging.


Dr. Over and Mr. Gill wanted the Center to emphasize the importance of a tranquil mind as essential to holistic, healthy living. Stress strongly impacts the body's immune systems and general health, especially in the aging population. In contrast, peace of mind has a dramatically beneficial effect on health, well-being and the experience of joy in life.



  Since the Ligia Dantes Foundation closed in 2014 to ease Ms. Dantes' responsibilities, the Center for Holistic Living has continued to take care of all her literature and individual dialogues for her, as well as the obligations of Woodhaven House. To communicate with Ms. Dantes or if you wish more information, please go to our contact page.  


We want to thank Peggy Bartlette for her gift of the wonderful poem La Morte. You can read it here.


Holistic Health Programs, Lectures and Workshops

Our programs and workshops provide the most up to date information on holistic health issues and emphasize:

  • An Integrative Approach to Health
  • Stress Reduction
  • Relaxation through Meditation (individual's choice)
  • Managing Age-Related Disabilities

The primary advisor for the Center for Holistic Living's health education programs is Gary E. Foresman, MD, founder of Middle Path Medicine. He is a gifted physician who has practiced Internal Medicine for 20 years and Integrative Medicine for over a decade.


Organized and operated solely by volunteers, the Center for Holistic Living does not promote or endorse any particular set of beliefs or health practices.