"To me, a holistic lifestyle is not
just physical health. My spirituality
is part of my everyday living."

"My beliefs are important, but I think
my actions are what really matter."

"I want to find time for reflection,
but my life is so busy all of the time!"

"I want my life to make a difference.
I want to contribute to a better world."

"My spiritual life has evolved
as I have aged. I'm always
inquiring, always learning, and
looking more deeply."

"Holistic health for me includes body,
mind and spirit. I have never lost my
curiosity and enthusiasm for inquiry."

Perhaps the new standard of
courage is to be willing to dialogue
with those who disagree with us.
I don’t know what your destiny will be,
but one thing I know; the only ones
among you who will really be happy
are those who have sought and found
how to serve.
       —Albert Schweitzer


To inspire independent thinkers, especially the religiously unaffiliated, to find their own deepest meaning and purpose, connect with others, and contribute to a better world.

Tips for Hosting a Low Anxiety Holiday Party

Putting together a holiday dinner party can be stressful from the second the invite is sent out to the moment the last guest leaves your home on the night of the party (when you still have to deal with cleanup). It’s a small wonder anxiety-prone people tend to avoid hosting parties at all. However, throwing…

Transformation: beyond the search for personal self-improvement.

In this article, Ms. Dantes takes readers beyond the goal of "personal transformation", what too often becomes a limited, self-centered action. Differentiating between personal change and transformation, she shows the way to a deeper awareness of the existential need for transformation in humanity as a whole. I would like to propose that Human Transformation is a…

Has the secularization of Mindfulness Meditation "thrown out the baby with the bath water"?

Mindfulness Meditation practice has its origin in centuries-old religious-spiritual practices. In recent decades in the West, this practice has been "cleansed" of its religious-spiritual roots for therapeutic use in clinical settings, and "self-improvement" uses in corporate settings. But maybe something quite important has been lost. In December 2015, the Harvard Business Review published an article…

Do religious people really cope better with old age and death? Maybe it is not so clear.

Research in recent decades concluded that older people who are more religious are better at coping with the stresses of aging, such as the diagnosis of a terminal illness, death of a spouse, or declines in physical functioning and generally have better health outcomes. But more recent studies question these conclusions and suggest the data…

Inequality. Is it a question of perspective?

The huge disparities in the distribution of wealth, power, opportunity and justice are global problems. But most of us don't need to look far to see stark disparities in our own communities, towns or cities. If I am relatively comfortable, how honest can I be about really caring to solve these problems? Maybe the status quo…

My productivity strategy is working great! So, why do I feel worse?

Productivity strategies can be quite helpful and do in fact result in greater productivity, but for many people something important is missing. Oliver Burkeman offers a refreshing view on this issue in a withering analysis of the time management schemes to which so many of us resort as we struggle to fit everything important into…

God's Secret

God used to be no more than a few flights up from The Floor and I gladly did the climb to visit. Many called on Him for one reason or another, came regularly and left in a hurry. Unable to settle on a tangible reason for being there, I often lingered and at times, frustrated…

Center Stage Principles of Healing

I would like to balance our science-based articles on medicine with our wisdom-based articles on healing. Everyone must relearn the fact that they exist as their own best physicians. Every system of healing relies on the individual to care for themselves, while dealing with illness through the guidance of a physician/healer. Naturally, the success of…

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Ms. Dantes' Wisdom Words

This week, I would like to share these words from Mahatma Gandhi. Please inquire into them. "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty." —Mahatma Gandhi

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