Ligia Dantes


Transformation: beyond the search for personal self-improvement. - In this article, Ms. Dantes takes readers beyond the goal of “personal transformation”, what too often becomes a limited, self-centered action. Differentiating between personal change and transformation, she shows the way to a deeper awareness of the existential need for transformation in humanity as a whole. I would like to propose that Human Transformation is a […]
Coping - “Time is money.” This American motto has been influencing our way of living ever since the invention of the “production line” and “piece work.” The faster we go, the higher the profits. We have evolved into a civilization of speed and hectic living: working to produce more quickly; eating on the run; driving fast to […]
Compassion & Your Spiritual Path - We need to be Socratic in our investigative approach, questioning without prejudice, judgment or evaluation. Ligia Dantes Perhaps what distinguishes us from animals on this planet is the manifestation of our spiritual path, our compassion, and our unconditional love. We are ©Spiritupsychophysicalness. If this is a strange word to you, it is because it is my own […]
Transcending Dualism - AH! A new day; the sun rises, reflecting the splendor of the dew on the grass and flowers, rosebuds flowering, birds expanding their wings and freely soaring over the tree tops. From this state of mind, we might perceive optimistically the state of humanity and the world as a whole. We may see our paradigm […]
Meditation & Emotions - Meditational energy is not emotional energy. However, within meditation, emotional energy may arise. It is wonderful when it comes up during meditation, when we are in silence, for it is an opportunity to observe what emotions really are. In meditation there isn’t any extraneous stimulus — anything from the outside to trigger emotions. When emotions […]
Blessing of a Silent Mind - Silence: the absence of sound; still, quietness (Webster’s New World Dictionary: Second College Edition). It must be obvious that we cannot find an environment totally silent; even in a sound-proof room we can still perceive the sounds of our own body, such as the blood pulsing through our arteries. To be silent, then, in our […]