My name is Ann Dobroth. I am a volunteer. Often when I think of or see roses, I remember how Ligia Dantes loved roses. Here is a poem she wrote in her book, The Unmanifest Self.

“In honor of your
I wanted to bring
to you the most
beautiful thing in
the world.
For that, I would
have to bring
YOU to yourself.
Unable to do this,
I brought you this
Rose, which is the

I hope this book can represent that rose I would
personally bring to you in honor of your being!
Now let us begin our journey”

Ms. Dantes was wise, authentic; living life lovingly, simply, meditatively, mindfully – a true guiding light. Among the many things I learned from her:

    • Complete what you start
    • Take care of what needs taking care of – Don’t procrastinate
    • Be present, observe quietly
    • Care for the other person – Listen
    • There is a bigger picture and many ways to look at everything
    • Speak only when necessary to get the job done. Don’t gossip

She led by example, living a peaceful, meditative life of service and love which I observed when I was with her, whether in a formal retreat or in an encounter with anyone she met.

What does it mean? “Peace within is Peace in the World”

Inquiry into one’s own humanness as a hologram of humanity, one’s connection to the earth and all of life, was our practice.

She spoke of individuals as flowers. The seed of the flower knows how to grow and become the particular flower within the seed. As do we grow and flower.

I am here today to honor her service to humanity and my gratefulness for having known her for 30 years. And, for providing a place for me to find myself.