Mission Statement

Inspiring independent thinkers, who may be Spiritual But Not Religious, to find their own deepest meaning and purpose, connect with like-minded others, and contribute to a more compassionate world.

Our website will bring together the most thoughtful voices to inspire, educate and empower independent thinkers to lead the deep spiritual lives they yearn for—lives of meaning, purpose and responsibility—and to contribute to a better, more compassionate world.

Our efforts are educational and inspirational. We wish to promote an online community where the wide diversity of people who regard themselves as “spiritual but not religious” can find thoughtful articles on a rich variety of topics that may help to shape their spiritual life and help more fully to integrate their spirituality into everyday living. We are not promoting any particular religious or philosophical point of view. This is not a religious site, but we are not against religion. Nor are we attempting to start a new religion or spiritual movement. Instead, we are offering an approach that we call Holistic Spirituality. Though not a new term, we feel Holistic Spirituality is the most neutral and inclusive description of what will be presented here.

What We Mean by Holistic Spirituality

  • Emphasis on kindness, caring for others (golden rule) and gratefulness.
  • Emphasis on how we behave more than on what we believe
  • Emphasis on a reflective life: meditation, contemplation and reflection
  • Inquiry into that near universal human experience of connection to something larger than ourselves
  • Emphasis on our personal spiritual experience and also our relationship to community, the environment, and the planet
  • Respect for the beliefs of others and a search for commonality with other religious and spiritual practices