Slider Test

"To me, a holistic lifestyle is not
just physical health. My spirituality
is part of my everyday living."

"My beliefs are important, but I think
my actions are what really matter."

"I want to find time for reflection,
but my life is so busy all of the time!"

"I want my life to make a difference.
I want to contribute to a better world."

"My spiritual life has evolved
as I have aged. I'm always
inquiring, always learning, and
looking more deeply."

"Holistic health for me includes body,
mind and spirit. I have never lost my
curiosity and enthusiasm for inquiry."

Perhaps the new standard of
courage is to be willing to dialogue
with those who disagree with us.
I don’t know what your destiny will be,
but one thing I know; the only ones
among you who will really be happy
are those who have sought and found
how to serve.
       —Albert Schweitzer