I would like to balance our science-based articles on medicine with our wisdom-based articles on healing. Everyone must relearn the fact that they exist as their own best physicians. Every system of healing relies on the individual to care for themselves, while dealing with illness through the guidance of a physician/healer. Naturally, the success of the individual relies on the daily practices that keep us well.

Although this may appear obvious, what I find strikingly clear in my practice of medicine is the fear-based approach to “healing” taken by many of my patients. The media coverage of and marketing of disease brings our collective attention to our current disease care system and away from true health care. Therein lies the rub.

The Center Stage Principle of Existence states that whatever you bring your attention to grows larger in your life. This principle truth guides the individual on their journey to health and healing. Bring your attention to disease, and disease grows in your life. Bring your attention to health, and health grows in your life. Although I believe this appears obvious, the primary modus operandi in the world today embosoms a strategy of attacking what we fear, and not enriching what we hold dear.

The current war on terror exacerbates terror. The current war on cancer relies on poisoning the individual and has, for over 60 years, owned far more failures than successes. Whenever we live in fear and attack those who hold opposing values, we demean humanity, spirituality. Whenever we attack our symptoms, our diseases, for whatever short-term success we might have, we breed long-term failure.

Western medicine thrives at alleviating the acute illness. When the risk of an illness exceeds the risk of the medicine/surgery, Western medicine saves lives! In the outpatient setting this almost never holds true. Thus when you visit an MD for even the most simple of problems, you get the very same medicines and surgery, at exorbitant risks. Usually these medicines/vaccines/surgeries get sold to us by using fear and trumped up risk-to-benefit evaluations, ensuring compliance with the poisonous path.

This reality must engender a whole new healing path for the individual. Your symptoms present as your teachers. Although non-toxic symptom relief can remain one of our goals, that symptom must teach us, or we never learn its meaning. Thus ensuring more of the same symptom. Short term success (symptom relief), long term failure (more of the same symptom leading to disease). You can’t poison (medicate) your way to health. Away from a life-threatening disease, yes; towards true health, no.

The challenge in today’s article lies in shifting your awareness away from what you don’t want and toward what you do want. Realizing that only you can recognize the imbalances which lead to disease means only you can treat yourself as that amazing singular expression of the Divine which you embody. Otherwise you fall into the trap of believing that double blind, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trials on common poisons treating unique individuals can in any way affect true health, true meaning.

Future articles will expound on neutral self-inquiry, and how to expand your inquiry past what you thought possible.